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PartyNet was the brainstorm of a mom, who, tired of calling friends, neighbors & ads for ideas for her 5-year old's birthday party, thought it would be great to have a 24-hour, one-stop resource for parents in search of that perfect party for their child. At PartyNet you can see what entertainers are in your area, find a skating rink or martial arts center or other fun place to host your party, or order party supplies and gifts. We also offer web page advertiser's the choice of having a coupon on their page that parents can print out and use for $$ off savings.

PartyNet is a great way to reach parents and children, 24 hours a day/365 days a year. Costly magazine print ads are often thrown away or lost, but PartyNet is always available, day or night, to plan a great party. If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to contact us. For information on ad pricing and order info, see the below descriptions. Thanks for visiting our site.

PartyNet Rates

Basic Descriptive Listing - $250.00 per year
Business name, phone, fax, 75-word description of your service, and link to your e-mail address. (Add business address for party places, supplies, and gifts). One geographic area only. If you have an existing site, we will link to it in return for a link back to PartyNet.

Web Page Listing - $325.00 per year
You supply the text describing your business (up to one page), 2 pictures and/or a coupon or logo. Name, address, phone, fax, and e-mail address. One geographic area only. To list in more then area - add $8.00/mo. for each additional geographic area.

Other Services
Have your business seen first!!
Top of category listing for basic descriptive ad - $180/yr. (only $15 extra per month!). Note: only one space is available per PartyNet page.

Each additional geographic area for basic descriptive ad - $100/yr. (only $8.33 per month for each additional PartyNet listing!!)

Each additional geographic area for web page listing - $150/yr. (only $12.50 per month for each additional PartyNet listing!!)

For banner ads, sponsorship, additional coupons, or special requests, just ask.


Order Information

To order a PartyNet listing or for more information, please e-mail your name and address to: or call: (914) 693-5131. (9:00am - 9:00pm Monday – Friday EST)

Want a free web page???

Help me start up a site in your area and I'll give you a free webpage on PartyNet. Send me 2 different parents magazines for your area that list ads for entertainers (you know, those free papers around town that list "what to do" in your area, etc. for parents and kids), and I'll give you a webpage ad - free. (Note: this offer only available to the first person who e-mails PartyNet with a request to start a site in their area.)


If you have any comments or problems with our site, please contact:
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